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No more fax machines, paper or toner waste. Faxing online significantly cuts your costs while eliminating many threats to the environment.

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Fax using any web-enabled device.
Attach your fax to your email and send!
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Reduces paper use and saves trees.
No fax machines, toner or paper costs!

Send a Fax Online

1, 2, 3

Open new email.
Open new email
Attach document you want to fax and click “SEND”.
Attach document you want
to fax and click “SEND”
Type in recipients fax number @efaxsend.com.
Type in recipient's fax number

Receive a Fax Online

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Sender transmits a fax to your eFax number.
Someone sends a fax to
your eFax® number
Double-click on attachment to view fax.
Double-click on
attachment to view fax
Fax is delivered to your email inbox.
Fax is delivered to
your email inbox

Start faxing for free in 2 minutes!

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Free 30-Day Trial


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  • Entrepreneurs

Discover all the benefits of having an eFax® account!

Large File Sharing
Large File Sharing
Easily send large files that are
too big for email.
Digital Signatures
Finger Signatures
Sign faxes with a swipe of your finger!
Local/Toll Free Numbers
Local/Toll Free Numbers
Choose a number from 4,900 cities.

Lifetime Storage
Lifetime Storage
Archive your faxes forever.
No Set Up Fee
No Set Up Fee
Activation is waived!

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