mBox is the Easiest, Quickest Way to Fax

mBox is the Easiest, Quickest Way to Fax

mBox™ is the easiest and quickest online fax solution for professionals on the go. Now you can send and receive faxes from home, the office or on the road.

Receiving a fax

Receive Fax
A fax is sent to your mBox number
Fax is Delivered
Fax is delivered to your email
Open Your Email
Open your email

Sending a fax

Open an Email
In an email, add recipients number + @mbox.com
Attach the Document You Want to Fax
Attach document you want to fax
Send Your Email

mBox 30 Day Free Trial

Easy. Fast. Anytime. Anywhere

Easier Than a Fax Machine

Internet Faxing Simplified

  • As easy as email.
  • No setup required.
  • No hardware or software.
  • Easier than a fax machine.
Fax Faster on the Web

Fax Faster Online

  • No more waiting for confirmations.
  • Quickly find your online fax archives.
  • No more busy signals.
  • No more paper jams.
Start Faxing Immediately

Start Faxing in Minutes

  • No installation required.
  • All you need is email and an mBox™ account.
  • Instant activation of your fax number.
  • Start faxing immediately.
Private and Confidential Faxing

Private and Secure

  • No more waiting for confirmations.
  • Internet faxes delivered to your email.
  • Easily control confidentiality.
  • Private faxes remain private.
Freedom to Fax from Anywhere

Save Time by Going Digital

  • Freedom to fax from anywhere.
  • Save, forward, and organize as easily as email.
  • Digital transmissions are better than print outs.
  • No more lost faxes.
No More Fax Machines

Save Money

  • No more fax machine.
  • No toner needed.
  • No extra phone line needed.
  • No paper needed.
Choose Your Own Fax Number

Choose Your Own Number

  • Get the Internet fax number you want.
  • Choose by area code or by city.
  • Largest selection of Australian numbers.
  • A real fax number for your business.
Fax Green

Green Technology

  • No need to print before faxing.
  • Preserve the environment.
  • Save on electricity without a dedicated fax machine.
  • Reduce waste of paper, energy and consumables.